In thought
and in practice.”

Gustaf trapp  |  managing director


Revolutionary. In thought and in practice.

Vaughn Alchemy Groupe is a premiere executive search and talent management provider. With over fifteen years of experience in identifying, developing, and integrating outstanding candidates with leading organizations in established and emerging markets we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to create a “signature experience” for client organizations and client candidates through proven methodologies and an “end-to-end set of best practices”.

The Vaughn Alchemy Groupe “signature experience” is a progressive approach to the fundamental factors that contribute to performance: innate abilities, education, and external social networks. Through extensive collaboration and research we have developed a strategic approach for critical performance and definitive success by applying MBA education, Six Sigma strategy, and a continuous utilization of the most contemporary information and developments from the Harvard Business Review and Harvard Business School.

Vaughn Alchemy Groupe provides premiere resources and capabilities, systems and processes, leadership, internal networks, training, and teams in order to find individuals that are enthusiastic about their work and fiercely loyal to the organization and its mission. That is the fundamental definition of a great employee.

Hiring good people is tough. Identifying, developing, and integrating great people is what we do. Producing measurable and quantifiable returns for each organization is what we deliver.

Executive Search

We know that all organizations require an effective leadership team at the top. The complicated challenge of finding mid/senior-level executives is best met with the support of a firm with a proven track record of success. The tools that Vaughn Alchemy Groupe uses provides a unique perspective regarding culture, leadership, team and performance “fit”, and our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.

The responsibility of conducting an executive search for a mid/senior-level management position is never taken lightly. For over 15 years, companies have relied on Vaughn Alchemy Groupe to build successful flourishing leadership teams. In-depth sector experience combined with a unique approach to talent acquisition allows us to build winning relationships with both clients and candidates. Vaughn Alchemy Groupe uses a unique process to significantly minimize risks associated with executive hires. The method allows us to provide our clients with ideal short lists, as we are able to measure and evaluate candidates in a way that no other search firm can.

Nothing is more important in the hiring process than ensuring fit. What differentiates Vaughn Alchemy Groupe and translates into meaningful benefits for our clients is how we ensure ‘fit’. We measure five different types of fit which guards against costly mishires. Underpinning the outcomes of a successful executive hire is ensuring that they are a cultural, leadership, team, performance and integration fit.

CULTURE - Culture is a make-or-break issue when sourcing talent from the outside. At Vaughn Alchemy Groupe, we use a suite of proprietary assessment tools to map the organization’s present and “needed” culture.

LEADERSHIP - Over the past decade we have developed and honed a unique, proprietary methodology to define role specific leadership competencies.

TEAM - Understanding the stage of development of the Team the candidate will be joining, and the specific contributions made by each member, are critical issues in the hiring process. This is especially the case where the candidate is being hired to be the Team Leader.

PERFORMANCE - Vaughn Alchemy Groupe provides a clear and measurable method to define success in a specific role. We go beyond financial results to measure key value drivers; Market, Operational, Employee and Social.

INTEGRATION - A value-driven search starts with reach, an ability to attract and deliver best-in-class candidates. Finding the right candidate often means looking where others cannot or have not thought to look. Next comes the challenge of “fit.” However, success is not measured by whether candidates can do the job, but by how successfully and how quickly they deliver results. This speaks to the quality of the integration process. Our support delivers a road map for success; a self-guided framework that anticipates each of the critical stages the new executive will move through.

For more information on how to become a Vaughn Alchemy Groupe Client, please contact Gustaf Trapp - Managing Director @ 415 407 9538.


“Individuals that are enthusiastic about their work and fiercely loyal
to the organization
and its mission. ”

gustaf trapp  |  managing director